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Morph2 generally uses 44.1 khz 24 bit .wav files. Many other file formats are supported or can be imported, such as aiff, mp3, 32 bit, aac, Quicktime, Windows Media, OMF, GarageBand, up to 192 khz. It is recommended that files be supplied as 44.1 khz 24 bit .wav.

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File transfer by FTP is possible, please inquire about details.


Whilst many things can be done to improve recorded performances, the best results come from a well prepared rehearsed and relaxed performer.
The pre-production process (composition, arrangement, rehearsal) will have a large influence on the final product.

We strongly suggest that clients invest sufficient time in pre-production, to ensure the best recordings.

Morph2 Recording can also act as a consultant on pre-production. Please inquire, for more details.

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Morph2 Recording has been in existence since 2003, in Zürich Switzerland.

Starting from small beginnings in a kitchen, Morph2 has rapidly expanded to a fully acoustically treated room, with state of the art equipment.

Along the way, we have provided recording and composition services to LIptons Ice Tea, Fiftyfifty Film, Science et Cité, and worked with many independent artists.

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Audio Engineer

Nigel Hilbourne has been a musician since the age of 12, beginning with classical music, and soon branching out into many styles. Having already performed at such prestigious venues as The Royal Albert Hall and The Queen Elizabeth Hall, by the age of 16, Nigel has since performed many different styles of music, including rock, funk, reggae, salsa, and rap/RnB.

Since moving out of the classical world, Nigel has performed with artists such as Gil Scott Heron, Chaka Khan, and Body Count.

Over the last few years, Nigel has concentrated on recording and studio work, bringing the same attention to detail from the performance world.




Alvaro Marin is currently studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, majoring in Mixing, and Music Business, and plays a variety of instruments.

Alvaro is responsible for taking care of all the little details, enabling the smooth and efficient flow of the session, as well as performing pitch/time editing and drum enhancement processing, always with a fine ear for retaining musicality.

Outside Morph2 Recording, Alvaro is persuing his own projects, and developing his project studio.

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Rodrigo Botter Maio
Recorded one of the greats of the Zürich music scene, Rodrigo Botter Maio, a great musical experience
News_Band image
Akil from Jurassic 5 & Flow'etic
Recording video at morph2
A real nice guy, great to work with!
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Markus Hauser
Laying down hot funk sax tracks at Morph2. Markus is sponsored by Yamaha saxophones.